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The Best Female Singers of 2015

Welcome to the Popfiy round up of the Best Female Singers of 2015. Who has come back into the limelight, out of the darkness or been branded as the newest singer in the music industry to take the charts by storm? We have compiled a short top 5 list of Best Female Singers of 2015 that have not only had the right words but also the heart wrenching lyrics that completely state every thought we have ever thought. Between the conversion of musical genre’s Pop/Blues/Rock these women are showing another side to what it means to be a singer-songwriter.

However, what this list initially came down to, happened to be the individuals that gave us an appetite for their songs.These are our Best Female Singers of 2015.

To start off with the number 5 spot, Jess Glynne:

Jess Glynne

The singer-song writer from London stole hearts by releasing her album ‘I Cry When I Laugh’. By having a voice that holds that glimmer of blues and pop delicate points, Jess has no problem bellowing out notes that will give you shivers. “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” doesn’t just inspire, the song offers an inner look towards the soul of a person who has been broken down many times before…however being able to prosper will happen and you should allow it.

Number 4:

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

Everyone knows of Lana Del Rey, even if you have never even given her music a chance. The breathless starlet throws a darker edge on relationships by opening up her diary and laying out all the complications that comes along with love.

Number 3:

Elle King

Elle King

This songstress came out like a cannon with  “Ex’s & Oh’s” off her debut album Love Stuff. Her album came out this year allowing more singles to come out and so far every time we’ve turned on the radio “Ex’s and Oh’s” has been playing the airwaves. With a voice like Elle King, fear does not stand in the way of her success. Her vocals have completely trail-blazed a new foundation for the country/blues/rock sound.

Number 2:



Halsey is the musician behind “New Americana” giving the generation that grew up in the late 90’s to early 2000’s a definitive recognition. Changing the way everyone grew up knowing about those kids. Halsey sings about an underground youth that are slowly starting to find their identities within the ever changing world. By bringing out the true, gritty ideas Halsey happens to be the helping hand that will change Pop forever.


And at Number 1 in the Popify Best Female Singers of 2015:



For 2015, the long awaited year where every single person was waiting in anticipation for the return of Adele. Breaking records within a single day in mere hours, Adele is the voice behind our sorrows. However, Adele returned this time to tell us a different story, one about reconciliation with her single “Hello”. Surely her album 25 will floor the majority of most singer-songwriters both with chart success and pulling at the heart strings that most people try to ignore.


These top five Best Female Singers of 2015 are digging deeper into emotion, reality and life. Giving all of us a more clear look into the world that surrounds us, whether that happens to be with a fun, beat ridden approach or a more serious chorus composed track.

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